My fibre art  expands on traditional hooking techniques with yarn to tell my stories of a modern woman and mother. I am inspired by Nature as a refuge of truth, where beauty exists whether or not you are observant to see it, and strength persists on its own merits, regardless of your opinion of it.  I enjoy the potential of the more unconventional side of Nature’s palette, like her browns, greens and yellows, and I am alert to the energy of the electric colours of urban life.

My art changes as I grow; I concern myself with expressing my ideas and not with perfecting how anything is done.  I reflect the oppressions of tradition, that art must be done in particular ways, and that as a woman I should live my life in certain ways and be grateful for the appropriate things.  I will use anything that I can find at hand and any technique in my fibre art- whether yarn or old beach rope, from weaving or stitching to painting or dyeing- and I will say what I feel about life, motherhood and the environment in which we live.  Life can try to pull me back; only I can push myself forward.

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