In the Studio is a series of online artist talks with textile artists from around the world. Each month will feature a new speaker, so watch this space for info and the ticket link!

Join Toronto artist, Valerie Carew, as she discusses how she animates household objects such as rugs using photography and performance, and how she uses the craft of hand hooking to express relationships with the natural world.

Engagement with land is a big motivation in Valerie’s artwork. She makes textile wearables and engages with natural environments using immersive role-play. Valerie is interested in exploring the “what ifs” in art making, and tries to use the language of rug fabrication and textile craft to communicate memories and human experience. Her family history and relationships with land are rooted in the settler cultures of Newfoundland and New Brunswick, Canada. Hand hooking rugs is a part of the fabric of these cultures. Traditional methods of rug making, such as material reuse, storytelling and folklore are referenced and re-configured in her contemporary practice.

You can find tickets for this talk HERE.

About Valerie Carew:

Valerie Carew, she/her (Toronto, Ontario) is an interdisciplinary artist who explores human/land relationships through performance, body based sculpture, installation, painting and fibre craft practice. Immersive role-play and biomimicry are combined with sculptural rug making to express experiences with land and identity. Valerie’s sculptural works are designed for interplay and physical contact with the human body. She incorporates nostalgia, myth-making and material transformation to imagine new futures defined by a greater connection to the wild.

You can learn more about Valerie and see her work at or on Instagram @valerie_carew.

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