Deadline:  October 17, 2021

During 2020’s lockdown, Karen Miller (Karen D. Miller Studio) brought together five fiber artists to come up with ways to engage each other and other artists hunkered down in their homes all over Canada and the United States. In this way, the In the Studio Zoom series was born. Now a monthly event, a contemporary artist, most often one working in a textile-centered media, shares an hour of their time with an online audience. They present to us their art practice and then respond to questions.

Beyond Karen, the In the Studio artists include: Susan Feller (ArtWools Studio), Elizabeth Miller (Parris House Wool Works); Meryl Cook (Meryl Cook Engagement by Design); and Laura Salamy (High on Hooking). The five of us quickly realized just how much we and other rug hookers were longing for the workshops and other events that we all typically participate in but that could not occur in 2020 given the pandemic. In October, we offered our first Workshop Week (WW), each of us teaching an online class. It was a glowing success, so much so that we held Workshop Week 2 during the winter of 2021. Even as the world began to “open up,” participants told us that they looked forward to WW3 (October, 2021).

As we’ve all learned, affordable online instruction is here to stay. Our Workshop Weeks allow students the chance to take classes without the expense of traveling. They’re also able to work with teachers who might otherwise be unavailable to them. Starting with WW2, we began bringing in additional instructors who can offer something – not necessarily a textile art – beyond our own expertise. This can include complimentary/ancillary/supporting arts and skills.

We’re now looking to bring on 1-3 teachers for WW4 during the winter of 2022 to expand the diversity of our classes. We are specifically looking for people who conform to our overarching tenet:

Art by artists responding to contemporary events in the world. We invite you to reflect on these responses and consider creating your own art that reacts to our current times.


WW1 attracted 36  students. WW2 attracted 68 students. Many take advantage of our non-overlapping schedule to take multiple classes. WW3 will include students from the US, Canada, and even Europe.


  • Workshop Week 4 will be held online from January 30th to February 5th, 2022
  • Workshop sessions typically last 2-3 hours but are set by individual instructors.
  • Fees for all classes are: $50 US for one-session classes and $75 US for two-session classes. (Canadian teachers are welcome to charge their Canadian students in CAD). Teachers may set additional costs for kits, etc.
  • Teachers are responsible for collecting payment from their students and keeping in contact with them regarding classes and other WW4 information.
  • Teachers are required to submit their class lists to the WW administrator.
  • All teachers are required to promote all WW classes in their social media/newsletters etc. Because Workshop Week does not take an admin fee from teachers, promotion by all of the teachers is what makes the week successful.
  • There are two additional bonus events (a social gathering midweek evening and a panel discussion) that teachers are expected to attend (dates to be determined).
  • Teachers must have their own Zoom account to use to hold their class.


  • The benefit of promotion amongst a collection of well-known teachers. All instructors will receive a “brochure” detailing WW4 and all classes that can be shared in their social media and other publicity efforts.
  • Support from the other teachers on how to run an online class, particularly if this is your first time.
  • Workshop Week organizers will send out links to all students for bonus events.


  • Applicants should indicate the top three dates and times that they would like to hold their online class during the week of Jan 30-Feb 5, 2022.  Again, we schedule WW classes so they don’t overlap in order that students can take as many classes as they wish.  Please note we offer a mix of daytime and evening classes, and our classes typically start at 1:00 pm EST OR 6:00 pm EST to accommodate all North American time zones.
  • Provide a detailed class description of the online class that you propose to teach. Please include the following: title; length of class; minimum and maximum numbers of students; materials that students will need (please also indicate whether students will purchase materials from you as a kit and the cost, or if they have to source materials themselves); what will be covered in the class, experience level of students required; and anything else pertinent to the class.
  • Include a short bio outlining your experience teaching (if any).
  • Please send all of the above information to by October 17th, 2021


  • Successful candidates will have their class included in WW 4 only. Participation does not guarantee inclusion in future Workshop Weeks.
  • If selected, you will be expected to attend at least one online meeting of all teachers (date to be determined).